Ankush Santra

Certified Magento Developer


Magento 2: Show Visitor IP in Admin

In the “Customers Now Online” section of Magento2, we can see the list of visitors and customers right now visiting the site. But we cant see the IPs of them.I have tried to show them in this section. Its created as a module. Note that, in some country its illegal to track a customer IP.Please […]


Change design of Magento2 admin

This is a Magento 2 example that, how can we change magento2 core design or codes. Here I have used mixin and mapping for .js and .html files. Here .js file is extended to add some js attributes, and .html file is override. One noticeable point that, to mapped “Magento_Ui/templates” we have to use “ui/template”. […]