Ankush Santra

Certified Magento Developer

Magento 2: Cron that deletes Search Query Result from table time to time.

We all know that Magento 2 search_query table getting full day by day. There is no way to delete the rows. I made a cron job that deletes all rows which have zero(0) search result. Please click the below link to download it. Download link : . Thanks.


Magento 2: Show Visitor IP in Admin

In the “Customers Now Online” section of Magento2, we can see the list of visitors and customers right now visiting the site. But we cant see the IPs of them.I have tried to show them in this section. Its created as a module. Note that, in some country its illegal to track a customer IP.Please […]


Change design of Magento2 admin

This is a Magento 2 example that, how can we change magento2 core design or codes. Here I have used mixin and mapping for .js and .html files. Here .js file is extended to add some js attributes, and .html file is override. One noticeable point that, to mapped “Magento_Ui/templates” we have to use “ui/template”. […]

Validate VAT number at Magento2 checkout page

Here a free Magento 2 extension, where you can check the VAT number is valid or not while typing in magento2 checkout page. You can try to validate VAT number here. Download link : .

Return Order Extension for Magento 2

Hello Friends, Here a free Magento 2 extension, where you can create a return request for store admin or support for your ordered item(s). If you want to check a demo then click here. Download link : .  

Print Barcode on Magento Shipment PDF

In present scenario E-Commerce is playing a very essential role in the online business. It’s one of the best & cheapest intermediate for reaching out to new customers in the online market, if it’s implemented effectively. Every business house wants to maximize more within limited time span. One can maximize profit in online business only […]

Upgrade Performance of your Website

We found that most web users are ignoring the website which is slow. As a user they want the web application to be responsive performance. In recharge, we found that 60% of people want that their page should be loaded within 5 seconds. Sometimes 3 seconds too much for them. This may be for the […]

Convert Text to an Image using PHP

We generate a coupon code image as example. Here $couponCode is the variable we can change it as we required. And function createImage() is the main part of this task. <?php $couponCode = ‘A153S0C’ ; createImage($couponCode); function createImage($couponCode) { header(“Content-type: image/png”); /* Set the size of Images */ $im = imagecreatetruecolor(400, 400); /* Background Image […]

Join Multiple Images Using PHP Code

It is a good process to join more than one image and get a single image. Using php coding join the images in there appropriate place. This is applicable for png, jpg, jpeg and gif also. Make a fun with php. The code is given bellow. <?php header (“Content-type: image/png”); $src = array ( “http://localhost/image/img/board.png”, […]

Image Croping using PHP

There is an easier way to crop an image as you want it. You can crop an image with a fixed aspect ratio or a dynamic ratio also. The crop image size can also make as you wish. So, now let’s take look at the coding part. First you have to load two files. One […]